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September 02, 2015RFID and IoT News Round Up for Sept. 2, 2015
Do You Really Need a RFID-Blocking Wallet? How Will the Internet of Things Change Business? The Internet of Football?
  Topics : Internet of Things | RFID
September 01, 2015Supply Chain News: Procurement Success Today Requires Getting Closer to Business Managers, Hackett Group Says
Many Companies have Taken Traditional Efficiencies about as Far as They Can Go, Need to Better Align Procurement and Business Interests
  Topics : Procurement/Supplier Management
September 01, 2015Supply Chain News: Manufacturers Should Embrace Transparency and Traceability, MIT Researcher Says
While Companies Usually Fight Related Regulation, That View Maybe Shortsighted, Says Alexis Bateman
  Topics : Green supply chain | Manufacturing
September 01, 2015Supply Chain News: Interesting Trends in Distribution Center Demand and Development
Increasing Demand for Smaller, Urban Facilities, while Logistics Clusters have Varying Levels of Modern Logistics Stock
  Topics : Distribution | e-fulfillment | ecommerce | Logistics costs | Logistics | Warehouse design
August 31, 2015Supply Chain News: US DOT Study Finds Lack of Parking Spots for Drivers is an Issue, Even as Spaces Often Go Unused
Problem is Clearly Going to Get Worse before it Gets Better
  Topics : Transportation | Trucking | Web News
August 25, 2015Supply Chain News: Federal Reserve Changes Baseline Year on US Industrial Production from 2007 to 2012
Move Actually Make Current Numbers Look a Little Better in Comparison
  Topics : Manufacturing
August 25, 2015Supply Chain News Makers Video Series: Supply Chain Impact of the Recent Tianjin Explosions
Bindiya Vakil, CEO of Resilic, has Studied Tainjin Event Deeply
  Topics : Global supply chain | Supply chain risk
August 24, 2015Supply Chain News Makers Video Series: New Opportunities - and Challenges - in Supply Chain Network Design
It is now Possible to Model the Entire Supply Chain, but Many Companies Still Operate in Silos
  Topics : Web News
August 19, 2015Supply Chain News: The Number One Skill for Success in a Supply Management Career
Managing Data, Collaboration, Execution Important, but Not as Key as Understanding How a Company Makes Profits, Joel Sutherland Says
  Topics : Procurement/Supplier Management
August 18, 2015Global Supply Chain News: After Blocking P3 Alliance, China Announces Merger of State Owned China Cosco and CSCL, the 6th and 7th Largest Container Carriers
Deal Likely to Set Off a Series of Other Carrier Mergers, Drewry Says
  Topics : Global logistics | Global supply chain | Ocean carriers

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