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March 01, 2015Supply Chain Planning Software Need to Move to a More ''Sense and Respond'' Model, Gartner Says
Planning Mostly Focuses Now On Optimization, Needs to Balance with Design and Responsiveness Capabilities
  Topics : Supply Chain Planning software | Supply chain software
February 25, 2015Supply Chain News Makers Video Series: Just What is "Smart Manufacturing?"
IDC Manufacturing Insights Analyst Bob Parker Discusses Smart Manufacturing with Supply Chain Digest Editor Dan Gilmore
  Topics : Manufacturing | Metrics/Performance measurement
February 24, 2015Supply Chain News: New World of Augmented Reality Likely Coming to Logistics Applications
Matrix-like Download Capabilities May Not be too Far Away; Looking at Bar Codes Instead of Scanning Them
  Topics : Distribution | Order picking | Warehouse Mananagement Systems
February 23, 2015Here it Comes - Office Complex in Sweden Offers Option of Embedded RFID for Workers to Automate Access, Buy Lunch
Many have Concerns, but Group in Country Seeks 100 Participants to Test and Study the Technology; Turning off Your Key Fob if You are Behind on Car Payment?
  Topics : Data collection/AIDC | RFID
February 23, 2015Supply Chain Thought Leadership Video Series: Accounting Data and Supply Chain Network Design
Do companies have the data you need to take on such projects successfully? Insight from Dr. Mike Watson of Northwestern University.
  Topics : Supply chain finance | Network design/optimization
February 22, 2015Global Supply Chain News: West Coast Port Nightmare May Start to End, as Tentative Deal Reached with Dock Workers Union
Details Unclear, especially Around Automation Issue; Will We Just be Back here Again in Five Years?
  Topics : Global logistics | Logistics costs | Logistics | Ocean carriers
February 18, 2015Logistics News: Even Less-than-Truckload Carriers Join the Q4 Profit Party
Net Income up Almost 100% for the Group, as Old Dominion Keeps it Going
  Topics : Logistics costs | Logistics | Transportation | Trucking
February 17, 2015Supply Chain News: Procurement Function in Medium-Sized Companies Needs a Management Framework
More Activities Across the Procurement Lifecycle will Need to Be Shared with Non-Procurement Managers, but Governance is Key
  Topics : Procurement/Supplier Management
February 17, 2015Supply Chain News: Proposed New US Drone Rules Would Stop Amazon's Plans for Unmanned Deliveries
Rules will Open Up Some Commercial Drone Applications, but Packaged Deliveries Clearly would not be Allowed; Amazon to take Research to Other Countries?
  Topics : Distribution | e-fulfillment | ecommerce
February 16, 2015Supply Chain News: Consumer Goods Companies Need to Up their Demand Sensing Game, Gartner Says
Few Manufacturers have Really Yet Connected the Supply Chain to the Store Shelf
  Topics : Consumer goods industry supply chain | Demand planning/management | Forecasting | Retail industry supply chain | Supply Chain Planning software

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