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July 26, 2016Supply Chain News: Retailers Rethinking Inventory Strategies
In an Omnichannel World, Many Retailers Getting Very Aggressive, After Years of Slowly Rising Inventories
  Topics : Consumer goods industry supply chain | Inventory management | Retail industry supply chain | Supply Chain Trends
July 25, 2016Supply Chain News: Airbnb for the Warehouse Market Raises Big Money
Seattle-Based Flexe Raises $14 Million to Build Out Its Warehouse Space Marketplace
  Topics : Distribution | e-fulfillment | Warehouse design
July 20, 2016Supply Chain News: Ford Testing Collaborative Robots on Factory Floor
In Cologne, Germany Plant, Workers Put Shock Absorbers in Place, and Robot Does the Rest
  Topics : Auto industry supply chain | Manufacturing
July 19, 2016Supply Chain News: Excess Detention Remains Major Issue for Carriers, Drivers
Besides Long Waits, Drivers Treated as If They Aren't Even There, DAT Survey Finds
  Topics : Inbound logistics | Transportation | Trucking
July 19, 2016Supply Chain Newsmakers Video Series:New Study on Supply Chain Digitization
SCDigest editor Dan Gilmore and Doug Kimball of JDA discuss key insights from new study on supply chain digitization
  Topics : Supply Chain studies | Supply Chain Trends | Supply Chain
July 19, 2016Supply Chain News: US Warehouse Market is Red Hot
Rates Heading Up as Demand Exceeds Supply in Many Markets, Driven by eFufillment
  Topics : Distribution | e-fulfillment | Logistics costs | Logistics
July 18, 2016Global Supply Chain News: Maybe Now Game of Container Shipping Musical Chairs is Finally Over, as Hyundai Merchant Marine to Join 2M Alliance
No Obvious Benefits to Maersk and MSC, Drewry Says
  Topics : Global logistics | Ocean carriers | Transportation
July 12, 2016Supply Chain News: APICS Announces New Certification Program in Logistics, Transportation and Distribution
Move Comes After APICS Acquired American Society of Transportation and Logistics in 2015
  Topics : Logistics costs | Supply chain careers/recruitment
July 11, 2016RFID, AIDC and IoT News: Companies Risk ''Premature Obsolescence'' with Products Connected with Internet of Things Capabilities
Smart Advice from VDC Research on How to Reduce Risk of IoT Obsolescence
  Topics : Internet of Things
July 11, 2016Supply Chain News: Great Progress Made in Amazon’s Second Robotic Picking Challenge
Tasks Were Harder, but Result Better, as a Dutch Team Wins the Price
  Topics : | Distribution | Material handling automation | Order picking | Supply Chain Innovation

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